KoreaPEN sets up PE and helps to start PEs in your organization and co-ordinates PEs in Korea to trade within the network of over 7,000 practice enterprises in 42 countries all over Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Based on the LEARNING by DOING approach, KoreaPEN aims to provide value-enhanced learning and experiences to the people involved or planning to be involved in the business world and help them to become global business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Being trained in a Practice Enterprise through a global simulated business environment, participants get the chance to work and exercise serious responsibility in Administration, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Sales/Purchasing, and Human Resources. During the process, participants achieve comprehensive understanding of the whole organizational concept and business development in a global world, helping them to develop and enhance all the business skills and competencies, thus making them more employable in a real company and business world.

With KoreaPEN, participants will also learn and experience the A-Z of starting and managing one’s own company. Upon completion and meeting the requirements set by EUROPEN-PEN International, trainees will be awarded a certificate for each phase of the program – Business Operations and Entrepreneurship Operations.