EUROPEN-PEN International News Letter (Spring, 2013)
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Trading at the Edge of Reality

New E-Format Newsletter (2013년 봄 뉴스레터)


Welcome to EUROPEN-PEN International's new online newsletter. Our graphic design team is excited to present this new format, to be distributed bi-monthly. Thanks to all our newsletter subscribers for keeping up-to-date on everything new in the practice enterprise world. Please feel free to contact us with any comments you may have regarding this new format. Also check out our updated Facebook and LinkedIn pages by clicking on the links above on the right.
Mr. Scott Mitchell, Executive Director

Introducing Our New Executive Director

EUROPEN-PEN International's Managing Committee is proud to announce the nomination of Mr. Scott Mitchell as Executive Director. Scott's passion for the practice enterprise methodology and his wide-ranging experience in practice enterprise and private company management and administration will help the continuing growth of our network. On behalf of our 42 member countries and our Coordination Center team, we would like to wish a warm welcome to Mr. Mitchell and wish him success in his new role.

CSBS Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

The Center for Simulated Business Services (CSBS), headquartered in New Jersey, USA, is celebrating its 15th year of operation and to commemorate, CSBS hosted a network-wide event on November 29. The CSBS network comprises more than 70 virtual enterprises located in high schools and colleges across seven states: New Jersey, California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. This year CSBS is excited to be integrating iPads® and Google Apps into its practice firms. Students research apps and use iPads for order-taking, communicating and marketing. Technology has a substantial effect on how and where learning happens and makes teaching and learning more interesting and flexible. Without a doubt, this innovation prepares students for the real-world. Click here for the full article.
2012 Youth Business Summit

2013 VEI Youth Business Summit

The 2013 Virtual Enterprises International Youth Business Summit, sponsored by the New York Life Foundation, will be held in New York City on April 9-11. The annual Youth Business Summit brings together budding entrepreneurs from across the globe to take part in VEI’s three signature student events - the National Business Plan Competition, Global Business Challenge, and International Trade Show. Organized in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education, the Summit challenges VEI students and their counterparts in other countries to show what they know in the areas of entrepreneurship, computer technology, communications, and global business management- all key components of the VEI program. Click here for more information.


On November 21, 2012, Mr Shyamal Majumdar welcomed Mr Pierre Troton, Director REEP Euro Ent'Ent (France), and Mr Jean-Marc Hetsch, PEN International President, to the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in Bonn, Germany. The representatives of EUROPEN-PEN International visited the International Centre to learn more about the UNEVOC Network and explore potential areas of collaboration with the practice enterprise worldwide network.
SAP visit

Visit to SAP University Alliance

On December 20 Mr Oettinger and Mr Singh from SAP University Alliances welcomed Mr Tandetzke and Mr Loef from the German Central Office (ZUEF) and Mr Nolte from EUROPEN-PEN International. The goal of this meeting was to initiate a project between the ZUEF and SAP UA to offer ERP4schools to Practice Enterprises in Germany. After a successful implementation in Germany plans are to extend this service to all EUROPEN-PEN International members. If you would like to know more about SAP UA please click on the following link.

Continuous Education of Trainers in Slovakia

Practice firm methodology has been taught in Slovak high schools for over 19 years. Many graduates follow up this entrepreneurial education with posts in our “practice firm partners”. Many practice firm participants only start to fully appreciate what the practice firm provided them when they put it into practice at a real job. This includes advanced business skills and professional knowledge related to founding a real company. Continuous education of practice firm trainers has been offered by the Slovak Centre for Training Firms since 2010. In practice firms, the teacher plays a very important role. The ability to apply a creative attitude, new training methods and a flexible approach to the training process is essential. To accomplish this, constant upgrading is required. Trainers training in courses such as New trends in entrepreneurial education via practice companies” provides updating in marketing, human resources, management, accounting, taxes and business legislation all of which is accredited by the Ministry.

48th International Practice Firm Fair in Mannheim

This year marked the 48th anniversary of practice firm trade fairs in Germany. Only 2 years left until the 50th! The fair was a great success. About 70 buses brought close to 3.000 participants. Congratulations to the practice firm Multimodell for its 25th anniversary and to the practice firm Miraculix, celebrating its 40th anniversary together with its mentor firm BASF. Click here for more information.
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